How often will my horse need a massage?

This very much depends on your horse's current workload, level of training, overall health and competition schedule.  Typically, horses will benefit from having a massage every 4-6 weeks.  However, the serious competitor will benefit from work every 2-3 weeks or even weekly for high level competitors.

How close to a competition can my horse be massaged?

Just like people, each horses respond to massage in a different way.  Some will feel a bit sensitive and others will feel full of the joys of spring.  However, your horse might need time to adjust to how his body moves now.  You, as the rider, will also need to work with your horse to get used to the freer movement.  I would recommend not to have a first massage done closer than 7 days to your competition.  Once we know how your horse adjusts after a massage we can tailor sessions to your individual needs.

How soon will I notice an improvement?

How soon will I notice an improvement?

In some horses there is an improvement after the first session, in others it can take a few sessions.

Why do I need to speak to your vet before seeing your horse?

The Veterinary Surgeons Act states that all paraprofessional practitioners (eg. massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths etc) must all obtain veterinary permission before working on a horse.

This is  to protect both you and your horse as well the practitioner: your horse may have a condition that would contra-indicated to massage. Or your vet might be busy working out the best treatment and rehabilitation program for your horse and massage might interfere with these results.  I am happy to work with your vet and /or other professionals involved in the care of your horse.

How long does a session take?

The first session always takes the longest and will take up to two and a half hours.  Follow up sessions will last between one and a half to two hours.  

How many sessions will my horse need?

That is entirely up to you and your horse!  You can have as many or as few session for your horse as you wish. You are under no obligation to complete a certain number of sessions.


What are the contra-indications to my horse having a massage?

The short answer is: anything that is unusual for your horse at that time like: If your horse is suddenly off its feed or running a temprature; non weight bearing lameness that your vet has not yet seen; unexplained/new swellings or heat; open wounds, skin conditions; infectious diseases etc