What is Equine Body Work?

Equine Bodywork utilises a combination of sports massage, stretching, mobilisation, myofascial release and more to restore movement and flexibility to your equine athlete. Body Work focuses on keeping muscles healthy and alleviating tension and soreness. Tight muscles alters the way your horse moves. This, in turn, puts stress on the other structures of your horse's body, which could eventually lead to injury.

Muscles soreness often first shows up as a change in your horses temprament. Your normally happy horse now moves away when you walk into the field, flattens its ears when the girth is done up, hates being groomed, bucks when asked for canter transitions. Often a body work session will cause an emotional as well as a physical release.


How long does a session take?

A first session can take up to two hours. Follow up sessions are generally shorter. During a session I will be guided by what your horse needs as some horses prefer to have shorter sessions.

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