About me...


For as long a I can remember I have been fascinated by horses and in awe of the graceful movement they are capable of.  My first ride was a very patient old Boerperd mare who patiently carried me around the farm in South Africa where I grew up.  After that my education was taken over by a fiesty Welsh Cob, who proceeded to teach me how to fall off very well!

After school I attended the University of Stellenbosch where I did a Bachelor's degree with Psychology & English Literature.  My heart, however still belonged to horses and I managed to get my horsey fix by riding at the University's riding club.  After university, still with a restless heart, I moved to the UK.  Eventually, I managed to follow my heart all the way to a stable yard and the rest, as they say, is history...

Since that first patient mare there has been many other equine teachers in my life, each one teaching me just what I needed to know at that time.



My Qualifications: 


Equinenergy Equine Body Worker

Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner


BHS Stage 3 Stable Management

BA Psychology & English Literature


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I have a keen interest in how movement, conformation and discipline can affect soundness:  either being the cure or the cause of breakdown.  For many years the training of horses have been thought of in `mechanical' terms and it is only now, with advances in the study of biomechanics, that we are starting to understand how some of these practises have been harmful or unnecessary to our equine athletes.  


Those who know me personally knows that I always have my nose in a book!  There is so much to learn... but our best teachers about horses still remain the horse!

I hope to be chatting horses with you soon!


Antoinette Ford

CPD courses:


Believing that learning never ends here are some of the courses I have done since qualifying:


-  Advanced Equine Merisha Massage techiniques

-  Myofascial Release

-  Stretching and Mobilisation

-  Healing Tools (incl. Red light & photo thereapy)

-  Emmett for horses level 1 (more to follow soon!)